Top Ten MPVs


Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) are now classed as the distant cousins as SUVs take pride of place as the patriarch of the family – that said there is still demand out there in the market!

#1 Citroen Grand Picasso

Rebranded as the Citroën Grand C4 SpaceTourer, you may be surprised to find this old lag as the leader of the pack but its refresh and modern dynamic interior setting sets it apart.

#2 Ford S-Max

Sporty, stylish and sleek for an MPV, it gives the room without compromising on looks

#3 Seat Alhambra

You could be forgiven for assuming that this was a Ford Galaxy.  It’s a very similar car but with a much lower price tag.

#4 BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

All the prestige and refinements of the premier marque, everything you’d expect from BMW in a family car.

#5 Renault Grand Scenic

Renault has raised the bar with a major refresh making this an attractive option for both private and business users.

#6 Ford C-Max

This may be small in stature but it’s big on quality and a great price.

#7 VW Touran

This wouldn’t win any beauty competitions but a great brand so quality is uncompromised. Also, awarded “Best MPV” at the annual What Car? Awards.

#8 VW Sharan

This is the workhorse of the group and yet another potential clone of the Ford Galaxy but not as competitive price wise as the Alhambra

#9 Peugeot 5008

The newcomer to the market – loaded with tech – only time will tell if it’s a contender.

#10 Vauxhall Combo Life

Vauxhall’s 7-Seater replacement for the Zafira which was removed from production last year (although you might find the odd one in still in stock).

Does the rise of the SUV spell the end for the MPV? Only time will tell!

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