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Here at Whittle Hall Finance we take the hassle out of buying vehicles.  Our simple, straightforward and tailored service saves you hours of time trawling websites, travelling around dealerships and worrying about how it all fits together.

The industry is complex and we bring you the benefit of thirty years knowledge and experience and will negotiate the best deal for you or your business.

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Vehicle Leasing – Jargon Busting!

Vehicle leasing is a contract between an individual or a business, a finance company and a dealer. There are defined parameters such as mileage, term and monthly rental.

Business Contract Hire

Contract hire can be a cost effective rate for businesses wishing to run new vehicles. The monthly rentals are fixed for the term of the contract and include the Road Fund Licence.  For VAT registered companies, a portion of the VAT may be reclaimed. The vehicle is handed back at the end of the contract, excess mileage charges will apply if the contract mileage is exceeded.

Personal Contract Hire

Personal contract hire is a type of lease for personal customers. It consists of an upfront payment followed by regular monthly payments over a fixed period of time. It is usually cheaper than financing a vehicle outright as you are effectively renting the vehicle, it doesn’t belong to you. The agreement is based on a fixed term and mileage. Charges will occur if you exceed the mileage stated on your contract so it is important to take a contract based on a mileage that will best suit your personal needs. The vehicle belongs to the finance company so at the end of your contract you hand the vehicle back to them. This type of contract is usually preferred by people who like to change their vehicle every few years.

PCP or Personal Contract Purchase

This is similar to a lease as you pay a fixed monthly rental which varies depending on the initial payment, term and mileage you select at the start of your contract. You also have the option of returning the vehicle back at the end of your contract. Where it differs from a contract hire agreement is that with PCP there is the option to own the vehicle by paying any outstanding amounts at the end of the contract, this will include a balloon payment which is the GMFV (Guaranteed Minimum Future Value) agreed at the start of the contract and there may be an option to purchase fee which is also advised at the start of your contract. As with contract hire if you go over your agreed mileage you will be charged an excess mileage charge when you return the vehicle.

Hire Purchase  or Conditional Sale

Aside from a personal loan, hire purchase (HP) is generally the most straightforward type of finance, and finance companies tend to offer competitive rates. HP works in a similar way to an unsecured loan, but with less risk to you and the finance provider because the credit is secured against the car.

HP is usually arranged through the dealer when you buy the car, so it’s a quick and easy way to get credit. Agreements involve an up-front deposit usually around 10% of the loan followed by a series of fixed monthly payments. Although you are the registered keeper of the car, the finance company remains the owner until the final payment is made.  At this point, title passes to you.

Source: What Car

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