Top Ten 4 x 4's


SUVs, MPVs, XUVs, MUVs, CUVs … it’s jargon gone mad … so we thought we’d go back to basics this month and look at the first of their kind the ‘four-by-four’ and sort your soft roaders from your off roaders!

#1 LR Discovery

Land Rover’s Discovery is still the number one choice for off roaders for those of us wanting a working vehicle and also those of us who just love these chunky machines.

#2 Skoda Kodiaq

Part of the Volkswagen group and available in five or seven seat models, the Kodiaq puts pay to the stigma that was once associated with the Skoda brand.

#3 Range Rover

This is still the luxury 4 x 4 of choice – its heritage speaks for itself.

#4 Volvo XC90

A solid and extremely comfy drive and now also available as a Hybrid which will benefit both company car drivers and those looking for 4 x 4 clout that’s a bit kinder to the environment.

#5 VW Tiguan

Build quality now rivals the Kuga’s and Qashqai’s which have always been a popular choice for our clients looking for vehicles of this size and shape.

#6 LR Discovery Sport

The smaller and more affordable alternative to the traditional LR ‘Disco’ with no compromise on quality or ride.

#7 Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar’s first foray into the four by four market and it doesn’t disappoint.  Luxury performance with everyday practicality.

#8 Jeep Renegade

This American brand continues to become more popular with UK drivers. Built with safety and security in mind with a ‘go-anywhere’ capability.

#9 Suzuki Jimny

Recently launched with a funky new look that is definitely catching the eye of the millennial audience.

#10 Dacia Duster

Creeping in at number ten – a cheaper option, that remains unmatched at present, with decent spec and a not so shabby look.  We drove this recently down the Amalfi Coast and it was a pleasant surprise – although the hills and bends were somewhat of a challenge for the engine!

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