Is it worth getting a Maintenance Package when Leasing a Car?


Leasing a car has many potential advantages: like being able to drive away in a completely new motor every couple of years without having to fork out steep upfront costs, affordable monthly payments, and even not having to worry about road tax or MOTs.

But it’s the motorist’s responsibility to get a leased vehicle serviced in line with manufacturer recommendations, so it’s good to know where maintenance fits in…

And, as ever, there’s more than one answer, with some lease agreements including maintenance packages as standard, while for others they’re an optional extra.

Optional extra? How much extra?!

Sorry, there is no typical additional cost on top of the fixed monthly leasing payment. This is because it all depends on the make and model (replacements items for a Daimler will be more expensive than for a Dacia), expected mileage (the more miles the more wear and tear), and the level of cover… 

What does it cover?

There are flexible options, such as tyre-only package for instance. But full maintenance packages are pretty comprehensive, covering all servicing plus most repairs and replacements during the lifetime of the lease. This includes tyres, battery, exhaust, wiper blades, alternator, starter motor, bulbs, mechanical and electrical repairs/replacements, including labour. On top of this is comprehensive roadside assistance cover and free vehicle collection and return.

So what’s not included?

Generally, repairs or replacements required as a result of accidental damage or driver error won’t be included, while other areas outside of scope are things like missing hubcaps, damaged windscreen or wing mirrors, repairs needed because of misfuelling, and replacements subject to an insurance claim or where fraud is suspected.

Why bother?

The number one benefit is peace of mind against any unanticipated repair costs. Of course, if you happened to go through the whole leasing term without so much as a slow puncture then it would work out cheaper to pay for servicing yourself rather than take out a maintenance package. It depends whether you want to take that risk.

A maintenance contract also has the advantage of being inflation-busting, as the cost is fixed over the duration of the lease agreement. And you’ll also know that any work needed on the vehicle will only be carried out at an accredited garage close to you.

What role does WHF play?

If you’re deciding whether to take out a maintenance contract, WHF can do the hard work for you – helping you to (1) assess the overall cost of a package suited to your needs and (2) figure out if it’s worth your while.

And remember, our service is free AND WITH ABSOLUTELY NO HIDDEN COSTS.

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