Top Ten Performance Cars: from BMW M5 to Ford Fiesta ST


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#1 BMW M5

Top of the class it this ultimate performance car with a high-revving V8 Bi-turbo engine and stunning looks it’s tailored to achieve peak driving power.

#2 Alfa Romeo 2.9 V6 Bi-Turbo Quadrifoglio Saloon

2019 What Car Performance Car of the Year this is the fastest road saloon ever produced by Alfa and a piece of classically beautiful engineering with that smooth Italian look.

#3 Mercedes C63 S Coupe

It’s love at first sight for the dynamic, sharp and stylish coupe with a new AMG-specific radiator grille and sporty interior to add to an already endless list of fantastic features.

#4 VW Golf 2.0 TSi 290 GTi

Reaching our shores for the first time in 1979 this classic hot hatch has got to be represented.  An icon for all ages, the latest model retains the traditional stainless steel foot pedals and chequered seats but brings the latest in engineering technology to keep ahead of the game when it comes to power.

#5 Jaguar F-Type 3.0 (380) S/Charged V6 R-Dynamic

I had the pleasure of a personal tour of this beauty at CarFest North this weekend.  What a car! It is absolutely gorgeous both inside and out.  The paintwork was outstanding as was the stylish and sporty interior.  I’m looking forward to a test drive … watch this space for more personal insights.

#6 Maserati Ghibli V6 Gran Sport 4 Door

Maserati’s motor racing DNA has certainly been transferred into the Ghibli.  Luxurious and elegant craftsmanship go hand in hand with outstanding engine performance and bold design.

#7 BMW M2 Competition

New model launched this summer with even more power than its predecessor.  BMW gives drivers the inline-six cylinder, twin-scroll turbocharged engine, exactly the same basic powerplant you’d get in a BMW M3 or M4, producing 410 horsepower.

#8 Audi S3 TFSi 300 Black Edition Saloon

This one is all about the looks!  It boasts the same spec as its A3 counterparts but with the super slick and stylish bodywork that elevates it appeal.  The S3 is also available as a hatchback and cabriolet.

#9 Honda Civic 2.0 VTEC Turbo 5th Generation Type R GT

Not your first thought when asked to name a performance car but nevertheless a contender due to setting a Nordschleife lap record for a front wheel drive production car.  It’s definitely a serious competitor (and cheaper alternative) to your GTI’s and RS’s.

#10 Ford Fiesta ST

What’s not to like about this fun and feisty Ford. It’s a superb supermini that shifts with an impressive 197 bhp out of its 1.5 litre engine.  Don’t let the new drivers in the family kid you that this is a tame little run around.

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