Tighter MOT rules from May 2018 - are you prepared?


Are you prepared for the 2018 MOT changes this year?

new MOT rules for MAy 2018If your car is more than three years old it will require a MOT test and this year sees newer pass and fail criteria. Key headline is that dirtier diesels could fail the tougher new emission tests. A new directive called the EU Road worthiness package will see your MOT test become far more stringent from the 20th of May 2018 with particular focus on diesels particulate filters efficiency being graded as “minor”, “major” or “dangerous “ The tests new “Minor fault” still equates to “advisory status” still not deemed as a fail but requiring future attention. “Major faults” will require fixing and a retest, and logically “Dangerous” will result in an automatic fail make the vehicle illegal for use on public roads. Anything else I should know about? Anything with a likelihood to increase the risk of grave accidents will be examined more thoroughly under the new regulations. Steering systems, including a steering box with a heavy leak, “significantly or obviously” worn disc brakes or even a dead reversing light will receive an MOT fail.

So, what’s different for diesels?

It’s all down to emissions on cars fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), with any output of coloured exhaust smoke being a major fail and requiring a fix and retest. For the first time MOT testers will look for evidence of a DPF being removed or tampered with. If you don’t have a reasonable explanation – say cleaning, the tester by law, will refuse the car.

How can I increase my chances of an MOT pass?

Check for leaks, oils and other fluids – easy enough to do from looking on the ground where your cars been parked. If you are considering buying a diesel car, check it’s fitted with a DPF and ask about whether there has been a prior history of any faults. Start the car and look for an orange light on the dash that often looks like an exhaust. If it’s lit your particulate filter could be blocked. These filters are not cheap, often running into the hundreds so either renegotiate, or walk away. Faulty light bulbs, insufficient tread on your tyres, and tired windscreen wipers are responsible for nearly 50% of failures, so before an MOT it pays to check the simple stuff!

New cars do not require an MOT for 3 years!

Of course you needn’t worry about any of the above if you have a new car. And with finance costs still so low, there’s never been a better time to lease a new car. Check out our latest fantastic deals today.

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