The Zen of using a Commercial Finance Broker


So, what have commercial finance brokers ever done for us? Granted, unlike the Romans they didn’t give us the aqueduct, sanitation, roads or wine, but they do offer a few other things that can help to make your business life more pleasant…


Effectively navigating the complexities of business finance can be as difficult as getting up the M6 on a Friday evening. You can of course try a high street bank or log on to a comparison site, but the problem is that neither of these methods are likely to find you the best option, or options, for your unique needs.

A broker will lay out the best options; perhaps a loan isn’t the most suitable solution for that new equipment you’re eyeing, for example, but rather a leasing agreement is your better option.

What are finance brokers?

A finance broker is a person or company, like Whittle Hall Finance, that works to get you the best financial solution for your requirements, matching you with the right lender.

Lower prices

Brokers use their contacts with various banks and building societies, as well as the increasing number of alternative financial providers, to hunt out the lowest interest rates for their clients. They can obtain special deals from lenders because of the business they generate, and are able to negotiate confidently on your behalf.

Bear in mind, too, that funding options exist that are only available through a finance broker, so your net will be cast wider still.

Finance brokers bring peace…of mind

The gift of time

Finding the right deal from the right lender can mean a lot of running around, a stack of phone calls, and more back-and-forth than a Nadal vs Federer match. There are specialist SME lenders out there that you won’t find on the high street, so it’s not easy for a small business to hunt them out. Using a broker hands over the legwork, if you’ll excused the mixed metaphor, so that you can spend your time more productively.

All you have to do is give the broker enough information about your needs and, after analysing your funding requirements in detail, they do the rest. As the saying goes, can you afford not to?

The personal touch

Brokers are human too (well, most of us). The conversations you’ll have with a good broker will lead to proper tailored advice and recommendations. Consequently, you’ll get the financing you need. Take that, Siri. Bow your head, Alexa. Jog on, Google Assistant.

Just make sure your broker is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which of course Whittle Hall Finance is.


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