Should I use a broker to find a new (or used) car?


‘Please sir, can I have some more…money off?’ Haggling for a better deal on a car isn’t something that comes easy to some people, especially when being schmoozed in a showroom or chatting to a stranger you’ve just met online.

And even if you do relish the challenge of getting a good price, how do you know where your line should be, how much wiggle room there really is from the seller?

That’s where a broker like WHF comes in….

What is a car broker?

The middleman between you, a dealership and a finance house, a car broker does the work for you.

For instance, call Whittle Hall Finance, tell us your requirements, and we’ll:

  1. Find your new motor, using our trusted networks

  2. Negotiate a great price with the seller

  3. Arrange your finance or secure the car for cash purchase

  4. Then deliver to your door (mainland UK)

All at no additional expense. That’s right – you literally don’t pay a thing!

No more tiresome shopping around to get a good deal. Zero worrying about dodgy dealers. And tatty-bye to the doubts about private sellers.

The best cars at the best prices

 WHF is independent, so we’re not tied to any brand or finance house – meaning you’ve got a better chance of getting the best deal possible.

We pride ourselves on our sourcing expertise, finding specific vehicles for customers, taking a list of needs and scouring our networks. And this works for both new and used cars, vans and other vehicles.

Once we find a car that seems to fit your specifications, you decide whether or not it’s for you. And if it’s not we’ll continue until we find one that you love. You’ll also have the peace of mind from knowing that all cars, new and used, come with a warranty.

What’s it actually like to buy a car this way? Don’t take our word for it, find out from one of our recent customers


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