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It’s not so much that what ECS don’t know about sunbeds isn’t worth knowing, it’s more that you’re not going to find anything they aren’t hot on.

With a showroom in Skelmersdale and 20 years’ experience behind them, ECS are the largest commercial tanning rental company in the UK, specialising in rental, lease hire and the sale of new and reconditioned sunbeds. Not only that, they’re also one of the biggest suppliers of tanning lamps in the country to boot.

Partial to a healthy glow ourselves, we’ve been delighted to source and finance the company’s commercial and private vehicles, and also arrange finance for their clients.

Thankfully the feeling seems to be mutual, judging by what ECS director Shirley Hewitt tells us: “David [from Whittle Hall Finance] sourced our vehicles for us according to our very exact specifications within the same day of us asking, and arranged the finance with the same speed.

“There is never any hassle as he just makes it simple, quick and to the point. He also arranges finance for our clients to enable them to purchase our equipment.
We just pass on the details of the client and Whittle Hall Finance do the rest.

“We can carry on in our work whilst Whittle Hall get everything arranged and sorted for our clients.”

Whittle Hall works for ECS – we can work for you!

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