Iconic Mustang Bullitt Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary


The Mustang is an iconic American sports car.

These days, Mustang’s don’t carry Ford badges or say ‘Mustang’ anywhere on them – but you know a Mustang when you see one.

It is to America what a Ferrari is to Italy and a Jaguar is to England – but the symbolic American muscle car is, in many ways, more practical than these cars and cheaper as well.

In fact, Whittle Hall Finance has leasing options on a 2.3L Mustang Fastback EcoBoost 2dr from just £399 per month.

In true Ford style, there are a lot of different price points and upgrade options available – including some high-powered behemoths.

The Mustang Bullitt definitely falls into the latter camp.

Mustang BULLITT – action hero

The Mustang was first unveiled at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York and was an immediate sensation.

The legacy around the car hit fever pitch in in 1968, when the Mustang GT Fastback blazed onto the silver screen in the Steve McQueen movie Bullitt.

Bullitt was a critical and box office smash. It won an Academy Award, but today it is remembered more for the high-octane car chase before anything else.

With up and down jumps over the hills of San Francisco, the 11-minute chase sequence has been spoofed many times over the years and made it into Time magazine’s list of the ‘Greatest Movie Car Chases of All Time’.

And the Mustang was the star of the show. The chase involved two 1968 V8 Ford Mustang GT Fastbacks, lent to Warner Bros. by the Ford Motor Company.

The cars were heavily customised and reached speeds of 110 miles per hour, with engines roaring around the city.

On the 50th anniversary of the film’s release, Ford have decided to release a new model of their iconic muscle car – the Mustang BULLITT.

The latest model will have a 5.0 litre V8 engine and a Dark Highland Green paintjob – the car could become a new icon.

Although sales have been slipping right around the world, the Mustang is still incredibly important to Ford and a lot of petrol heads still buy into the mythology surrounding the car – a mythology that has been perpetuated by movies like Bullitt and action heroes like Steve McQueen.

Even as Ford drop other cars from production to focus on their line of SUVs, the Mustang is not going anywhere. It is still the number one selling sports car in China and in many other emerging markets around the world.

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